We went to the humane society today.

The kitten (top) has been named Sputnik. The 1 year old (bottom) still doesn’t officially have a name. I’m leaning toward Yuri, but we’ll see.

They don’t like each other very much yet. The kitten is oblivious, but the older cat hisses and growls if he gets too close. I can’t find any advice on introducing two cats that accounts for both being new to the home, and both meowing their heads off if kept in a closed room. Right now I’m letting them take turns roaming the apartment, and reopening the doors when I’m tired of the mewing. The kitten will probably spend the night in the bathroom until they’re settled in more. Which I hope will happen soon, because I want to play with both of them, and the separate rooms thing makes that hard. Also, Sputnik has already figured out how to knock the soap dish into the sink.

Both have really playful personalities, so I hope this works out. I have a squirt gun to break up fights. I’m kind of worried about the older one staying grouchy, though. He’ll calm down, right?


One response to “Kitties!

  1. KariSueSpagleBagel

    The new kitties are SO cute!! And the older one will definitely settle down eventually. They just need time to get used to each other. It might take a month or so, which will seem interminably long while you’re waiting for it to happen, as they mew and keep you awake during this time, but trust me – they’ll be best buds eventually!