Open source is fun

Our Ruby Rodeo (aka FOSCON 2) last night was a blast. See pictures here. Sean Mountcastle has a good summary of the talks on his blog (link seems to be broken now, but try later), and Chris Dawson captured audio, which you can download as a set of podcasts. We had more people than the space could hold, which I think is fabulous, but next year we may need to hold it at the convention center with the rest of the OSCon events instead of at Free Geek. It’s great to have that much interest.

I’ve been wandering over to the convention center to catch bits of OSCon when I can, including lunch today and yesterday. I’m eager to get back to working on programming projects (with the hot weather we’ve had, it’s a little hard to concentrate… if only I had a laptop and could escape to an air conditioned place). Seeing what other people are working on makes me want to write more code, and especially to get more comfortable with Ruby, so I can do some of these neat things too.

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