FOSCON II: Ruby Rodeo

I’ve been helping plan this year’s FOSCON event, and it’s now less than a week away. We’re having a Ruby event one evening during OSCon, which runs all next week at the Portland convention center, to highlight some of the neat things both local and visiting Ruby programmers are doing. I’m particularly looking forward to getting to hear Amy Hoy, because I really like her articles on getting started with Ruby and Rails. I think she’s planning to talk about how to be a good newbie, and how programming communities can be friendly to newcomers without letting them turn into “help vampires”.

I know most of the regular readers here either don’t program or don’t live in Portland, but just in case someone else stumbles in or the Seattle folk are interested in driving down for an evening, here’s the event announcement.

Join us at FreeGeek on July 26th for a fabulous set of presentations on Ruby programming and Ruby culture. If you didn’t catch it last year, FOSCON is a free and fun gathering of Ruby fans held one evening during O’Reilly’s OSCON conference.

* Who: You! And all of your Ruby-loving friends
* What: Exciting speakers, pizza, and discussion
* Where: Free Geek, 1731 SE 10th Avenue, Portland, Oregon
* When: July 26th, 7:30 PM

Speakers will include:

* Alex Bunardzic: Alea Jacta Est::Crossing the Rubicon (Ruby-inspired ways to minimize the burden that the computing infrastructure places on the software developer’s short term memory buffer)
* Lucas Carlson: Ridiculously easy ways to distribute processor intensive tasks using Rinda and DRb
* Topher Cyll: Building a Turn Based Strategy Game in Ruby… in 20 Minutes
* Ryan Davis: ruby2C and the metaruby project
* Geoffrey Grosenbach: Power Tools: Scripts, shortcuts, aliases, and other ways to make your Ruby programming environment more enjoyable
* Amy Hoy: The growing nature of the Ruby community & embracing us “right-brainers” with the minimum amount of trollishness/help vampirism/etc.

FOSCON is sponsored by CD Baby: a little CD store with the best new independent music and Planet Argon: Ruby on Rails Development, Consulting & Hosting.

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  1. but no Why The Lucky Stiff

  2. Sadly, he can’t make it this year.