Rose Festival

Yesterday I took a break from watching World Cup games to go to the Rose Festival’s Grand Floral Parade. I’ve seen a lot of whining online about how the festival has nothing to offer hip young 20-somethings, and I find this pretty irritating, because there are some very entertaining things going on if you’re looking. I’m a little surprised that irony-seeking hipsters don’t get a kick out of strange things like the Rosarians.

They have no apparent duties other than wearing white suits during June. New Rosarians participate in a knighting ceremony. I bet they have a secret handshake too.

Parades always have at least a few odd sights, like Indian warriors sucking on lollypops. Or how about an ox the size of a small car?

I thought most of this year’s floats were less creative than usual. All decorations have to be made from plants and flowers, which sometimes leads to really neat designs, like wolves with fur made of cedar bark, or a cobblestone path made of potatoes. None of the sculptures really caught my eye this time. Most of my pictures ended up being marching bands and drill teams.

Our seats were on a corner, so I was able to watch the bands do different formations for turning, and see the groups from both front and side. I’ll have to remember this the next time I want to photograph a parade.

Last but not least, rodeo princesses and their horses decked out in shiny pink fabric.

Pretty pink rodeo princess

You can see the rest of my parade photos on Flickr.

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