Experimental photography

This week I got back rolls of film from two different experiments. One dates back to last December when I was playing with modifying disposible cameras for pinhole photography, and the other is as recent as last Friday when my new Holga arrived.



Giant soccer


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I have one more unused disposable camera to be used for pinhole photos sitting on the shelf. I think my original plan was to do a set of yarn still life pictures, but I must have been distracted by another project.

For the Holga, I have a five pack of 100 speed film still to use (if it ever quits raining) and another roll of tri-x black & white, plus a couple of shots left on the roll still in the camera, so you will definitely be seeing more from that one. I had the first two rolls developed and scanned at Quick Stop Photo downtown, and I’m actually pretty disappointed with the result. There’s a ton of scanner noise in the pictures, little red and yellow specks. So I went ahead and ordered a photo scanner to do the rest myself (I’d been thinking about getting a flat-bed scanner anyhow, and there seem to be some decent models with negative scanning options these days). If the scans suck, I’d rather pay less per roll and have it be my fault.

I’m also starting to think it’s about time I learned to process my own b&w film. I’ve done my own prints before, and I don’t think this is any more complicated. I’d kind of like to find someone who could walk me through it the first time, though, so I don’t make any obvious mistakes (if any Portland locals reading this qualify…)

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