Website updates

I made a couple of small updates to the lunchcart map page, including a formatting change that should hopefully make the map align itself next to the sidebar now, instead of below it. I’d appreciate if someone using IE on Windows could check this for me, since I won’t be able to confirm it myself until Monday.

I also created a little script to let me automatically update the status info on my main webpage. It generates an RSS copy of the info as well, so you should be able to point your favorite feed aggregator at now to find out when I’ve updated the page, should you care to do so.

As for my Olympic sweater, I got most of the way to the waist, tried it on again, and concluded that it was too tight across the belly, so I had to rip back several inches and fix that. This is only a minor setback, though. I’m sure by the end of the weekend I’ll have fixed that section and made significant progress toward finishing the body of the garment.

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One response to “Website updates

  1. It lines up along the left now, but you have to scroll down pretty far to see it.

    If you want some help on it, email me privately through my feedback link on