Olympic Knitting Update

My fears about being able to knit a sweater in 16 days appear to be unfounded. Here’s where I was after the first night:

Knitting Olympics Day 1

And here’s the state of the sweater now:

Knitting Olympics Day 6

The other update you’ll be eager to hear is that I now have confirmation that Frances is not sick, just picky:

Hungry kitty

It was nothing a jar of lamb baby food couldn’t fix. I’m sure she’s having trouble with her sense of smell and ability to chew as she gets older, but I was surprised that she suddenly decided dry food was inedible. I’ll try putting wet food on top for a couple of days to see if she’ll eat them mixed together.

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3 responses to “Olympic Knitting Update

  1. Whew! Good news about Frances. I was worried. And GREAT job on the sweater! I’m amazed at how quickly it’s going. I haveno doubts that it will keep me nice and warm and will bring out the color in my eyes. 😉

  2. P.S. The above comment was from me (Betsy).

  3. KariSueSpagleBagel

    I’m so happy to hear the Frances has simply refined her dining tastes and is not refusing sustenance altogether!

    I LOVE the color of your sweater, and it’s looking great! We need to do another stitching night!