Skinny Kitty

I think my cat is on a hunger strike. The last few days I’ve noticed that when I pour her dry food back into the cup to measure out how much more she needs (it helps encourage her to eat the stale stuff if I mix in some fresh food every morning) the amount appears to be the same as when I put it in the dish the day before. She’s not acting sick or lethargic, but I’m still a little concerned. I hope this isn’t an attempt to get me to buy more wet food. She acts like a junkie toward that stuff.


3 responses to “Skinny Kitty

  1. Oh, poor Francis. She’s skinny enough as it is.

    Sounds like a plea for wet food to me.

  2. Maybe her teeth are bugging her too much for the hard food? She is pretty old, iirc.

  3. KariSueSpagleBagel

    Not to be Debbie Downer here or anything, but if she doesn’t start eating in a couple of days, you should take her to the vet. Loss of appetite can sometimes be a sign of serious internal issues.

    Or maybe she’s just being a shit because she wants the tasty stuff. Who knows?🙂