Do you ever

…feel like you’ve stumbled into the middle of some cultural phenomena you don’t really understand? (but maybe it’s funny anyhow?) This is like that.

At least it’s good distraction from the completely disgusting “State of the Union 2006”.

Edit: I found another good Numa video right after I posted. Probably my favorite so far.

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2 responses to “Do you ever

  1. Well, did you ever catch the numa video that started the craze:

    (I can’t find the full undoctored version.)

    Here’s another vid for you, the Chinese Backstreet Boys. They have a full set:—That-Way?v=2WkAINj7BKI&search=numa%20numa

  2. I hadn’t seen the original Numa Numa video yet, but the Chinese Backstreet Boys thing showed up in the popular section on Google Video. Pretty funny.