Lunch Cart Update

I put a new version of the lunch cart map page at It now lets you select carts by food type. I also created a new stylesheet to make the page look like the main/status page on my site. IE dislikes my CSS layout for some reason, and I don’t use IE at home, so it’s kind of a pain to try to fix that. It’s just fine in Firefox on all platforms, though. So there’s a little Firefox link on the side of the page to encourage people to try that instead (it’s a way better browser to use for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is that it’s much closer to being web standards-compliant).

My next update for this project will include more informative pop-up balloons when you click on the map, but it may be a while before I get to it. I have some other things I want to work on first.

Let me know if you notice any problems with the cart positioning or know of one I ought to add.

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2 responses to “Lunch Cart Update

  1. Very cool. I would suggest having an alternate version for us IE folks since we’re by far the majority. You could put a little Javascript in to redirect a person depending on their browser.

  2. One of my favorite lunch carts is a Thai place (I’ll try to get the name) that is closeto my building. It is on 2nd between Madison and Main. East side of the street, mid-block. Also, on the very south corner of that same block is another yummy food cart that is a “branch”, so to speak, of the restaurant Mazatlan (main restaurant located in downtown). Awesome veggie burritos.

    If I’m not specific enough about location, I could probably find a map.