Knitting Olympics

After much waffling, I have decided to join the Knitting Olympics with the goal of completing a cabled sweater in 16 days. This is a pretty ambitious project for me to attempt in that time, but I think I have a decent chance if I get everything ready in advance.

I have to admit, the thing that pushed my choice was discovering I could knit for Team Wales. They say I don’t actually have to be from Wales, but it is enough that: 1) I have some amount of British ancestry that may or may not include the Welsh (the results of my Google search were ambigious), 2) like sheep and leeks, 3) think their flag is neat, and 4) would like to visit someday.

I think I’d better get started on that sweater design.

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2 responses to “Knitting Olympics

  1. Wales! *clap, clap, clap*!
    We’ll make up some cheers for you🙂

  2. KariSueSpagleBagel

    I dig the idea of the Knitting Olympics, good for you for joining in! We’ll cheer you on as best we can from our novice-knitting grandstands!