Vegas, babe

I spent Thanksgiving in Vegas. A surprisingly large number of other people did too. Lucas and I went down there to visit his family, since they all relocated from Florida to Nevada and Arizona earlier this year, but we managed to work in a night each downtown and on the strip as well.

I think the best summary I could give would be my photos from the trip.


The Hoover Dam, breathtaking in scale and design.

Downtown, sort of a cross between an arcade and an open-air bar. Kids, guys wandering around with cheap beer in large football-shaped cups, trapeze artists, and a roof made from a screen that plays music videos with women in skimpy clothing several times an hour.

indoor gondola ride
The Strip.
All the weirdness of downtown and then some. This is Disneyworld for drinkers. Pyramids, Roman statues, pirate ships.. and Venice. Indoors.

One thing I didn’t get a picture of (because it was late and I was exhausted and it was the last thing I was thinking of at the time) is the pimp-daddy in a huge silver and white fur coat, matching fedora, and lucite cane wandering around Caesar’s Palace. Lucas saw him a little later and reports there were also diamond-encrusted sunglasses. He had an entourage. Neither of us recognized him, but the whole thing screamed rap star.

I had a very good time, despite not being a heavy drinker or any kind of gambler (I spent a whole $12 on roulette and penny slots). The place is just absurd.

One response to “Vegas, babe

  1. I love free booze and women in skimpy clothing. And rappers in fur coats. And bikini mechanical bull-riding. And the free booze. Vegas is the most bombastic fantastic and something else-astic place on earth.