Music Selection Systems

I wonder if anyone’s using collections of iTunes playlists to give suggestions for music you might like. If you and someone else both have a certain song on your playlist, it suggests to each of you that you might be interested in the other songs the other person has. With a large group, it could pick the songs from lists that match yours most closely, and songs that show up most often on lists similar to yours. Seems a lot easier than Pandora, where they have complicated analyses of music structure that they match up. Sifting through actual peoples’ playlists would allow for the possibility that Weird Al fans will listen to anything as long as the singer has big hair, or some other kind of anomaly.

I’m also wondering if I’m going to get used to the way this Apple keyboard is about 10 zillion times more sensitive than the heavy clunky IBM one I’m used to. I’m getting double letters all over the place.

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