Cute Little Computer

I’m a Mac user again and it’s pretty neat. I have an adorable little Mac Mini on my desk. I think the last time I had a computer that worked this well out of the box was… the last time I owned a Mac. Funny that. I’m having trouble deciding what to do next. Usually there’d be a day or so of tinkering with things, customizing, installing software, but this is more or less good to go. I even opened a terminal window and verified I can ssh into my (clunky) old computer. No problem. Now what? Find myself a good OSX power-user reference? Install extra doodads to the dashboard that I’ll probably never look at again? Play with Garage Band? Hmm.

One response to “Cute Little Computer

  1. Allan has a Mac Mini and he likes it very much (I have the Mini’s much larger sibling).

    Hm. I love ecto as a blogging client (but it costs money). XJournal is a good LiveJournal client.

    If you like playing with flickr, get the Flickr Export Plugin for iPhoto — it makes exporting pictures to flickr insanely easy. I also like tinkering with photos in iPhoto — it’s fun to play with color balances and retouching and red-eye correction. (Obviously Photoshop or the GIMP is what you want for serious photo editing, but iPhoto’s fun to tinker with.)

    Or import all your CDs into iTunes and get playlist happy.

    Thunderbird is my favorite mail client, and I use Proteus for instant messaging (shareware, supports AIM/Y!M/GoogleTalk/ICQ). AbiWord or Open Office for Word processing (although I still use Office just cause work demands). Cyberduck for FTP (cute little duck icon!)

    Um. I may be burbling.🙂