Fashion rant

I got a new job a month or two ago. Bigger paycheck, actual dress code, sudden desire to buy work clothes that look halfway decent. This has led to reading so many fashion magazines I am now well qualified to create outfits demonstrating all five major women’s fashion themes for fall (neatly enumerated in Lucky, but well-defined everywhere). Which also led, sometime yesterday, to me starting to think it could be really interesting to create a local fashion blog or zine or something.

Today, five minutes on Google reminds me that 1) I hate the Portland hipster crud that constitutes the majority of the output of local designers, 2) I can sew better clothes than most of these people in my sleep, and 3) almost nothing comes in my size anyhow, so the whole thing’s pretty irrelevant.

I remember an article in the thankfully now defunct Oregonian weekly style magazine about a new line of locally designed jeans. The designer made a point of saying she wanted her clothes to embrace women’s curves. The size range only ran up to 14. So, uh, the curvier half of the population doesn’t exist? Who are you designing for?

It’s just idiotic. Big international clothing lines are often not much better on item 3, but at least the quality of design and construction is enormously better. And there are far fewer items decorated by the ‘solid color silhouette of something on a 70s color theme solid contrasting background’ method. Which wasn’t too bad until I noticed it was absolutely everywhere and started to convulse from the overdose. But it’s not just hipster stuff I feel that way about, I have a similar reaction to pretty much anything from Forever 21.

I have a problem to resolve. I have a limited budget. The clothes I like best cost more than I can afford and come in limited size ranges, though with pricey stuff they do this vanity sizing thing that makes it far more likely I actually can wear a 14. I don’t have time to sew a whole new wardrobe and I’ve become such a perfectionist over the finishing details that it’s not a low-stress activity. There’s got to be somewhere I can find a couple of blouses and a jacket that are stylish and not Land’s End generic. Right?

3 responses to “Fashion rant

  1. Have you tried ? On the whole, they seem to be dressier and less clubby-hipster than Lane Bryant is trying to be, but not as career casual/mother-of-the-bride (read: frumpy) as Catherine’s.


  2. Graaaagh, I am too dumb for HTML this early in the morning. The store is Avenue.

  3. Plus size clothing is generally too big for me these days. There’s this weird thing where a lot of clothing stores only carry up to a 12 or 14. (A women’s 16 is bigger and cut differently than a misses 16, for some reason, so there’s a gap between the size ranges when they do this.) It’s really an annoying practice. There are all sorts of clothing stores who stop an inch short of carrying something I could wear.