writing and showing work elsewhere

I now write a blog for Oregonlive.com about my neighborhood. Probably not very interesting unless you live in Portland, but new posts get linked off the main page next to the Oregonian articles, and I think that’s pretty neat. Wish me luck in coming up with enough to say (it’s a busy neighborhood, thankfully. If I tried to write about Parkrose, where I lived previously, it would be a daily rant about people who don’t look where they’re driving and the need for more sidewalks).

Also, I have a photo/painting for sale at a place called The Storefront in NW Portland (they’re at 19th & Pettygrove). They had a call for art to show at an event in their upstairs gallery space, and afterward I was asked if I’d like to leave my piece to sell. It’s a one-off experiment I tried, with a photo printed onto silk, stitched to the canvas, and paint around the border. I couldn’t decide if I liked it, but I figured I’d try displaying it anyhow, so this was a nice outcome.

One response to “writing and showing work elsewhere

  1. Good luck!

    (I have not forgotten the camera; I just need to make Allan get it out of his car before he leaves for work.)