I need to write more often

I haven’t been posting on here much lately, though not because there isn’t anything to report, I’m just feeling uninspired about writing. I’ve started doing a few pages of journalling in the morning to try to pick up again.

I’ve also started taking yoga classes at One With Heart. It was long past time to find an activity that involved my whole body (walking is great, but there are so many other muscles that don’t get used). The teacher I’ve been taking classes with is great, very attentive to her students and good at encouraging people to find a way to make the poses work for their individual needs. She also focuses on the flow between movements, which makes me long to take modern dance again. Not that I have any time or money to add another activity on top of everything else.

I finally finished knitting a shawl I started about a year ago. It’s a simple spiral pattern, made from a natural brown wool I picked up at Oregon Flock & Fiber. I didn’t have a wheel when I started spinning it, so all of the yarn for the shawl was spun on a spindle (attempts to do a matching yarn on the wheel didn’t end up looking quite the same). It came out really well. After I blocked it, I kept wandering back over to look at it, impressed at having finally finished.

And I bought a copy of At Knit’s End, aka the bookbookbook. It’s a fun set of meditations on being overly obsessed with knitting. Good for reading over breakfast or tea.

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  1. Hi Audrey,

    I’m an assistant producer at OregonLive.com and am looking for neighborhood bloggers. I like your blog and if you are interested in your neighborhood and want to blog about it, I hope you contact me. Here’s a link to our current neighborhood blogs as food for thought: http://www.oregonlive.com/weblogs/.Thanks!

    Darby Cave