undervaluing labor

This job posting really bothers me. How can you be willing to spend $300 on materials and only $10 on labor? Especially when asking for highly skilled work with a more difficult fabric.
And what concerns me more is the strong possibility that someone in town will be willing to do it for that little, either because they need any amount of money too much to care, or because they don’t realize how little that is for the amount of labor involved. Which continues the idea that it’s okay to underpay for this sort of work.

2 responses to “undervaluing labor

  1. It smelled rather sweatshop-esque at the end, when she mentioned that there’d be continuing work at the same low rate.

  2. Wow, $60-80 per month? Sounds like a dream come true!

    Why haven’t you responded angrily to this posting?