not a normal Friday

In the past day, I’ve seen:

a dead body
a really fun documentary
strippers wearing Timbers Army scarves, and a TA member doing a pole dance at Mary’s (clothed, but still!)

Anna and I were on the way back from buying gas at the truck stop in Troutdale (way cheaper than in town) at lunchtime yesterday. I saw smoke as we approached the offramp, but figured it was just someone burning yard debris or something, until we got down to 181st and discovered that there was a car, flipped upside down. I couldn’t tell whether anyone was still in the car or how bad the damage was until the small crowd that had gathered to help flipped the car back over. The paramedics arrived, but they performed CPR on the driver for less than a minute before giving up. I wasn’t close enough to see details, but he had a head wound on one side, probably from smashing into the windshield. I hope he died quickly. The EMTs covered him with a blue plastic sheet and we got back in the car and returned to work.

After work, I went to a screening of Anna’s documentary on Voodoo Doughnut in downtown Portland. It’s available to watch online at The screening was for the participants of a workshop offered by Northwest Documentary, so there were six ten-minute pieces being shown. The others involved things like the pipe organ player at Oaks Park, and the strange things people do to be more efficient in the morning.

And then, off to meet up with some of the Timbers Army people who were following a hockey game with a trip to Mary’s.

Note: here is where I quit writing on Saturday. It is now Wednesday. Journal entries get progressively harder to write, the longer you wait, and I’m not entirely sure what I meant to say next. But I think these were the main points:
– The trip to Mary’s was fun, particularly seeing certain female TA members going gaga over naked women. Oh, and naked women borrowing Timbers scarves to dance with was neat too.
– Going to Voodoo Doughnut afterward was also cool. Afterward I felt like it would be days before I wanted anything sugary again, but it’s a interesting place to take people who’ve never been, and as a result of my brief internship on the documentary, I can spout gobs of trivia about the place.
– Then I went home and slept very well.
– Not something I originally expected to include, but Monday morning on the way to work, I witnessed another car crash. Fortunately, this one involved no serious injuries, just a pair of smashed up cars. Still, it added a little extra stress to my morning. I had crossed the intersection where the accident occurred just a few seconds beforehand.

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