Lunch at Meeka

I wasn’t planning to eat out anywhere today, but my coworker Anna mentioned this morning that she only brought a mango to eat and wanted to get lunch somewhere out. I decided my bagel could wait and started looking for interesting places nearby, using Google Local.

And so we ended up having a very yummy lunch Meeka Japanese Restaurant (730 NE 181st Ave Portland, OR 97230).

It’s in a strip mall in Gresham, which probably doesn’t sound that promising, but as soon as we wandered inside, I was sure we’d found something good. There’s plenty of seating available, but the room is broken up with several screens and dividers, so I think even when full it wouldn’t seem crowded. They decorated the place very simply, with light-colored wood and a string of small cloth banners above the wall with the windows and door. One side of the restaurant has a raised platform with low tables, and a recessed space under the table to let stiff Westerners rest their legs comfortably. Next time we’ll have to sit in that section.

I was very pleased with my udon and tempura. All of the food arrived carefully arranged, including the tempura pieces stacked on end in a teepee shape, which had us wishing someone had a digital camera on hand to take lots of pictures (another reason to go back). The tempura was light and crisp, and the udon was plentiful (I’ll get another meal out of the leftovers), with a slightly sweet broth (probably dashi?). Anna had their Meeka sushi roll, with tuna, avacado, and cucumber, which she says was super fresh and also had that slight sweetness to it.

They also offered us complimentary green tea and salads (fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce that surprised me by being much better than iceberg usually is, with some kind of homemade 1000 Island dressing). As a result, I’m stuffed. But happily so. This is definitely a restaurant to return to. There really isn’t much to go with out here by work, so this was a nice little find.

One response to “Lunch at Meeka

  1. oh yes, I was there. YUM YUM it was!!!! I also had the miso soup. After we sat down, they immediately brought over an herbaceous green tea which was best while eating. Anyway, not so bad for Gresham, as we are, and yet don’t want to be snobby Southeasterners. We have been learning lately that we are ignorant about the secret and yet delicious places hidden in corners ‘we’ never visit. I could say, it’s some of the best sushi I’ve had lately around here. It was fresh and fluffy – if I could use this word to describe sushi. It almost melts in your mouth. To top it off, I’ve even been to the swank new Masu recently. I’d go Meeka. –go gresham–