too many projects at once, as usual

I’ve been putting off posting because I wanted to have something finished to talk about, even if there weren’t pictures, but my latest knitting project (a stretchy head scarf) didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, so I’m going to unravel and try again, and I spent all of last weekend rebuilding Lucas’s computer (it’s still not fully working–something in the X-windows settings is screwed up, but it’s just fine when you use Knoppix), and the pants I’m sewing are also unfinished.

However… the scarf I’ve been weaving is done. It came out incredibly well. I used multicolored handspun wool yarn (dyed before carding or spinning) that came out of an attempt to salvage a cheap fleece I bought online last year. The combination of flecks and stripes of color are what make it really work. The scarf alternates blocks of blue-green and purple. It only took me about two weeks, which was nice, since weaving projects always seem to go slowly for me. Maybe I won’t wait as long to warp the loom again.

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  1. I hate computer.