WBW #5 – Rex Goliath Pinot Noir 2002

Thank you Pim, for picking wacky-name wines as the theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday this month. I’ve never attempted a wine review before, and I’m not sure I have any idea what I’m doing, but it sounded fun to try.

I bought a bottle of Rex Goliath Pinot Noir 2002 as my wine. The winery is named after a 47 pound circus chicken who appears on the label.

The wine has a deep red color, and an interesting, complex smell (I couldn’t figure out what it smelled like, unfortunately). The flavor was more simple, somewhat tart with a tannic aftertaste. I had it with dill havarti on french bread, and it seems like it would be a good, inexpensive (about $7 a bottle) choice to drink with other rich or strongly flavored foods. Or with a piece of monster chicken?

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