Last night Lucas and I had a housewarming party to celebrate getting settled into our new place. It was a blast. Over 20 people came (and it wasn’t as crowded as I feared), including some of my family, coworkers, fellow book club members, a couple of Timbers Army folks… We had a really good mix of people.

I spent most of Saturday cooking food for the party (which may sound like a lot of work, but I enjoyed it). I made:

– french bread

– roasted garlic cream cheese spread

– sun-dried tomato and bean dip

– crudites

– vinegarette dressing

– polenta squares

– puff pastry triangles with two types of filling–kalamata olive with feta, and carmelized onion with chevre

– brioche

I joked to someone that Julia Child was the patron saint of our party, because the french bread and brioche recipes came from Mastering the Art of French Cooking vol. 2, and the polenta was from The Way to Cook. I used store-bought puff pastry sheets, because the brioche seemed like enough work with delicate buttery things for one day.

We asked people to bring beer and wine, which resulted in a range of beverages from Coors Light to sparkling wine. My favorite was the sparkling Pinot Noir my mother brought. The bottle says Codorniu Pinot Noir Brut. It had a wonderful light taste, and didn’t make me feel immediately wasted the way a lot of sparkling wines do. Speaking of… we have two more bottles of Brut in the fridge. It’s a nice housewarming gift, but I’m not sure what sort of food it would go with. I’d like suggestions if anyone has one.

So yes, a successful party. I’m already looking forward to throwing another.

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