sometimes I could rant all day

I’ve been wanting to say something about the president of Harvard’s remarks on women in math and science. I think it was incredibly idiotic of him to think he’d stir up a little discussion by suggesting that there were biological reasons women are less often successful in these fields. This is meant to help? The best way to ensure that a group of people will have a harder time at something is for everyone to assume that aren’t as naturally good at it. It’s self-fulfilling.

In a separate bit of women’s issues nastiness, today the Oregonian reports that a woman in Spokane has been denied a divorce from her physically abusive husband because she’s pregnant. Apparently the judge thinks the child has a right to be born to married parents that outweighs her right to be free of her abuser. Her claim that he isn’t the father only does more to justify this. I can’t even begin to understand.

One last item: if you haven’t seen the discussion of whether Social Security is in crisis that appeared in the NYT Magazine, go and at least skim through it. Then read the article on what’s really going on with tax reform. I’m very disturbed by the government making broad changes to help the rich at the expense of everyone else. Why aren’t people yelling about this? When even some of the policy makers are willing to say that their plan is make your tax burden so obviously bad you don’t want to give another cent to the government, shouldn’t that raise an alarm somewhere?

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