a belated holiday dinner

Last night we had Virginia, who was Lucas’s coworker until recently, and her boyfriend Jono over for dinner. I had been wanting an excuse to cook up a holiday dinner with poultry and stuffing and mashed potatoes… so of course the best thing was to invite some people over and go for it. It was a lot of fun, and the only leftovers were chicken bones and stuffing (but there was a ridiculous amount of stuffing), so I think that counts as a success.

The menu:

Roast chicken breast, cooked on a bed of onion, carrots, and celery

A fairly ordinary bread stuffing (this was something of an adventure, because the bag of stuffing I bought turned out to be too big for the casserole dish. Like three times too big. There’s a bowl of leftover uncooked stuffing in the fridge now.)

Mashed potatoes with garlic (raw, spicy garlic!)

Carrots glazed with brown sugar and molasses

Wine–something called Greco Nero

Recently defrosted Christmas cookies and fudge for dessert

I’m very pleased with how everything came out. The chicken was juicy. And although the directions on the stuffing package called for too little liquid and I ran out of bouillion and there were still crunchy pieces in places, everyone seemed to like it. Afterward I tossed the chicken bones and the vegetables it cooked with into a bag in the freezer in case I feel inspired to make stock at some point.

I’m definitely going to have to do something like this again (both the meal and the company). I really enjoy cooking for a group, especially as appreciative a group as I had last night.

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