so many pretty pictures

I’m not cool enough to be a camera phone toting moblogger, but it turns out that Flickr is remarkably useful even for people like me, who have too many scattered web directories full of unlabelled scanned pictures. It has one of the best UIs I’ve run across for a web service, for one thing. It’s fun to play with, so that’s motivation enough to dig out old pictures to upload. Sorting and labelling your pictures is really easy. And it’s set up to encourage people to look at what you’ve added. It doesn’t feel nearly as tedious as other methods I’ve used to sort and share pictures online.

So, if you want to see what I’ve put up there so far, go here. And then look at their Zeitgeist widget.

2 responses to “so many pretty pictures

  1. NIfty pictures. I have heard good things about Flickr — if I can’t get Allan to get gallery up and running on his server, I may sign up for an account.

    Um. Do you still need or want a digital camera? Cause I may (it was going to be definite, but then we had car problems) be getting a new one, and then I could give you my old one. It’s nothing special, but…

  2. I would completely love any kind of digital camera to work with. I haven’t figured out how to work one into my budget yet…