finishing up Christmas

Lucas just got back from Florida last night, after being out of town for over a week. I’m very happy he’s home. This morning at breakfast he gave me one of my Christmas presents, a first edition hardcover of Virtual Light. This goes with The System of the World, which he gave me before leaving. He hasn’t opened his presents from me yet, though. That’ll be tonight.

Christmas weekend was pretty tiring, mostly because I sang three days in a row for choir, starting with the midnight mass on Christmas eve. It’s hard to find the energy for the Hallelujah Chorus when it’s 1:30 AM. That worked better in the morning, despite everyone being low on sleep. By the end of Christmas Day I was completely exhausted.

I still feel tired now, but maybe that has more to do with not completely falling asleep until nearly midnight last night. Anyhow, I had a relatively calm and relaxing Christmas, aside from choir. The things I knit for my mom and stepfather went over well. There were more people than usual at dinner on Christmas eve, and fewer than usual for Christmas day. Not a bad weekend, in all. But next year, I think Lucas and I should both spend the holiday in the same city.

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  1. But next year, I think Lucas and I should both spend the holiday in the same city.I very much agree, I think that city should be in a state that isn’t phallus-shaped and jutting toward Cuba. I already planted the seeds among the Fam, that I probably won’t be home for Christmas next year.