the wild world of cooking

I know I shouldn’t buy things for myself when I’m out Christmas shopping, but I saw Kitchen Confidential at Powell’s while trying to decide what to get my brother [1], and decided I needed to read it immediately. This was facilitated by having an unplanned day off from work. I read through the whole thing in an afternoon, and it has left me with a strange desire to learn French cooking (which is probably another sign that happy free range meat will be added to my normally vegetarian diet). It’s a fascinating memoir. It confirms that I probably do not want to cook professionally, no matter how much I enjoy doing so at home. The idea of running a bakery tempts me from time to time, though…

The Christmas shopping is finished. The knitting is finished. The baking is finished. I have one present to mail and one left to wrap, but otherwise I can relax for the rest of the week. This is good.

[1] I’ve learned that professional cooks do not necessarily want to think about cooking when not at work, but On Food and Cooking seemed like it might be a good pick anyhow… except it’s on backorder, because everyone else thought it would be a nice present too.

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