getting settled

Most of a week after moving, the essentials are unpacked, and the kitchen doesn’t look half bad, but we still have boxes everywhere. Lucas heads to Florida to visit his family in a week, but I think we’ll have the apartment in pretty good shape by then.

Despite not getting any work done on them over the weekend, I made decent progress on the socks before forcing myself to get back to Christmas knitting. Last night I started a scarf from some handspun alpaca yarn. I’m doing a skinnier version of Clapotis from the fall Knitty. Hopefully it’ll knit up fairly quickly. I have two weeks left, and two projects to finish. Hmm.

Lucas and I went grocery shopping last night to stock up the kitchen. We now have cupboards full of canned soup, beans, and vegetables, a big bag of potatoes, lots of tortillas (they were two for one, so I froze the second package), flour and sugar, and so on. It makes me want to go home and cook right now. I haven’t had a good kitchen to work with for a couple of years now, so I’m very happy about what we have in the new place. I’m mentally plotting some kind of winter holiday dinner once Lucas is back from Florida. I want stuffing and mashed potatoes and yams, and I’m even thinking about attempting to cook some sort of poultry (this is a big deal for someone who has been eating vegetarian for the last seven years… I’ve started to feel like it’s time for a change).

And now, it’s time for lunch.

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