Lucas and I spent Thursday with my family at my grandparents’ place in Trout Lake. Despite a small amount of Family Drama involving whether wine could be served with dinner, I had a nice, relaxing day. Trout Lake is at the base of Mt. Adams, north of Hood River (windsurfing capitol of the world!). It’s not a very busy town, despite being the access point for activities on the mountain. My grandparents live across the street from an organic dairy farm, and walking ‘around the block’ takes a full hour.

It was such a beautiful day, too. I really should have brought a camera, but I’m bad about actually bringing one to events, even though I like taking pictures.

When my grandfather asked people to say what they were thankful for, before the meal, I didn’t add anything, but I will write it here. I’m thankful for all sorts of people in my life, but especially Lucas. I’m thankful for the apartment we’ll be moving into this weekend. I’m thankful that I’m employed, and reasonably well fed, and not likely to freeze to death this winter. I’m thankful for writing, and books, and knitting, and everything that keeps my mind and hands active. I’m thankful to live in such a beautiful city.

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